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Diploma in Fashion Design

Category: ESHEC Approved

Course Details:

To provide participants with a body of knowledge which will enable them to:

  1. Understand and apply fashion design theory in the working environment
  2. Understand the importance of fashion design to the success of a business
  3. To make a positive contribution to the work of a fashion desin department
  4. To increase and enhance employment opportunities within the human resource development industry.
*Every graduated student is to receive a free sawing machine from the Ngwane Park Youth & Training Centre

Course Syllabus


1. A Certified copy of your Form 5 or Matric certificate (at least 5 passes in Subjects)

2. A copy of reference from the head teacher, Pastor or employer.

3. A Certified copy of your Form 5 or Matric certificate

4. Registration fee: E400.00

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