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Diploma in Information & Technology

Category: City & Guilds

Course Details:

This course is to introduce computer practical principles in general concepts to the students and equip them with the techniques of manipulating computer and technologies behind and to provide a clear picture of the way Information Communcation Technology work from world's technology up through the most popular application in general computing.

Even if you’re an absolute beginner student in this course will enable you to create future proof and manipulating computer technologies that not only look great in all modern, but are also accessible to wide variety of audiences across a range of platforms on everyday computers to those accessing the latest emerging programs and communication devices

Course Syllabus


1. A Certified copy of your Form 5 or Matric certificate (at least 5 passes in Subjects)

2. A copy of reference from the head teacher, Pastor or employer.

3. A Certified copy of your Form 5 or Matric certificate

4. Registration fee: E400.00

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